Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why Organic Search Still Matters for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

With all the marketing channels businesses have at their disposal, including AdWords and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, organic search seems to have taken the backseat. Gone were the days when Google rankings matter very much for businesses, and some quarters even consider organic search already passe. In reality, though, in every internet marketing strategy, organic search still matters greatly. Organic search remains a significant inbound marketing strategy for small to medium-sized businesses, and it still yields greater traffic to a website. Here are several reasons why this is so.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How Internet Marketing Builds Your Small Business

These days, many small business owners are interested in expanding their sphere of influence and optimizing their conversion rates. If these are your company's professional goals, you should know that hiring an internet marketing expert to assist you can be the key to realizing your objective. There are literally hundreds of strategies that digital advertising mavens can employ to help build your small business. Here are two:

Friday, September 11, 2015

4 Reasons to Provide Regular Blog Posts for Your Business Website

Blogs are one of the most common methods for sharing information on the Internet. With the exception of social media, blog sites are among the most visited on a regular basis. If you're trying to build a reputation for your organization while encouraging visitors, using a blog is one of the most efficient methods. However, it takes a great deal of content to make a measurable impact. Writing one or two posts per month is simply not enough. It takes a degree of consistency in order to attract visitors to your site. Improving Search Rankings According to an expert in SEO services, content that is relevant and consistent can improve your ranking in search engines. If you only have one page of content, your site will have little chance of being seen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let an Internet Marketing Expert Help Your Business Grow

It has become increasingly important for small businesses to have a good web presence by investing invest in good website design, social media, etc. Since you're already busy running your business, you probably don't have the time, energy, or even knowledge to promote your services on the Web. Take a look at what an internet marketing agency can do for your business. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Basics of a Good Web Design

The art of web design has changed over the last decade. Websites are now more elegant, simple, and content rich. More often than not, you'll find that websites are also mobile responsive and can therefore be viewed on every type of device. When deciding on a look and feel for your website, consider the following factors before you start on the development process with your chosen web design professional.

Your Audience

Different audiences and demographics will be drawn to different designs. If you haven't already, determine who your audience is, what appeals to them, and what your website needs to achieve. This will ultimately drive the entire process and influence the final product.

The Layout

Your website layout should be consistent across the board. This includes the placement of your menus and navigation bar, color schemes, tools, and logos. Each page should also offer options for the user to browse back to the previous page and access nearly every other secondary or subpage on your website that isn't a blog post.

Your Homepage

Once customers click on your homepage link and visit your website, they should be enticed by what they see. You should feature minimal yet attractive graphics that relate to your company and simple yet descriptive content that drives the customer towards your ultimate goal.

As long as you work with an experienced internet marketing expert, there’s no need for you to worry too much about the factors enumerated above. Together, you can design a website that can propel your business forward.